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RANCH News and Events

Donors To Our Planter Fund

After sponsoring the lovely planters on Armitage for many years, Finkl is now concentrating on their move so RANCH is gladly taking on this responsibility since it brightens our neighborhood and keeps Armitage the street we all love. We thank those who have generously donated specifically to help us in this effort.

Harris and Reatha Kay - $250.00

New Lettuce Concept at 1954 N. Halsted - $2,500.00

Bridgeview Bank - $500.00

Dan O’Donnell and Armitage Hardware - $500.00

Other News

Children’s Memorial Redevelopment:  Keep up to date on the progress of the Children’s Memorial Redevelopment project.  Information available via Ald. Smith’s Website or the project’s developer, McCaffery Interests.

Community Forums: RANCH Triangle sponsors periodic community forums on topics of interest to members of our community.   Past topics have incuded: Navigating City Services, Combating Rats, Property Taxes, Living Green, and Supporting Local Business. 

To suggest a topic for a future Community Forum send and email to president@ranchtriangle.org.  We’d love to hear from you!



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